Starwood Case Study: SPG App Enhancements


Starwood Hotels

Project Type:
iOS Mobile App Enhancements (proposed)

UX Researcher, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, UI Designer, and Testing Facilitator


Hotels are focusing and investing in technologies to provide a better customer experience prior to the guest’s hotel stay, during their stay, and after their stay.

Starwood already provides many options like keyless entry, online checkin, and integration with Uber. Like their competitors, they are exploring new channels to communicate and meet their guests’ needs.

As Starwood continues to differentiate themselves, it is critical they focus on the guest’s “in-stay experience” to set them apart from competitors. Additional features could be added to their existing app to enhance the overall customer experience.


Based on research and customer desires, the Starwood app could be enhanced by including the following features:

  • Ability to order in-room dining with an option to review status and delivery times
  • Ability to submit housekeeping requests with an option to review status and delivery times
  • Ability to make reservations to the hotel restaurants, spa, golf course, etc
  • Ability to control the room preferences like room temperature, lights, and newspaper delivery method
SPG Summary Product


The first task was understanding and utilizing Starwood's current 'as-is' app.

Afterwards, researching their competitors was needed in order to understand where Starwood could be differentiated.

Conducting surveys to understand what customers value and desire was also completed. Based on the research, a persona was developed and the scope was defined to 4 major enhancements.

SPG Persona

Interaction Design

Developing a sitemap and process flow was required to understand the logical placing for the new enhancements within the current app.

During the interaction design phase, analysis and utilization of Starwood's existing iOS design patterns was completed to create detailed wireframes for the in-scope enhancements.

SPG Wireframe

Visual Design

When designing for enhancements, it's crucial for new features and screens to flow cohesively with the existing product in order to provide a seamless experience to the customer.

Because Starwood is an established brand and has a very specific style, a detailed review of their existing app and website was required to ensure all visual elements were consistent with the company's overall style, tone, and branding. 

SPG Style Tile

UI Design

High-fidelity UI mockups were developed for the new enhancements based on the wireframes and style tile from the previous phases.

Once all the UI screens were developed, an interactive prototype was developed.

Users were able to test the prototype to ensure they could easily navigate and execute tasks successfully.

SPG UI Designs

Final Product


SPG Product