Pillbox: Product Design for a Mobile App


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Type:
New iOS Mobile App

UX Researcher, Product Designer, Interaction Designer, UI Designer, Testing Facilitator, Branding, and Information Architect


Insurance companies and pharmacies do not provide consumers with transparent costs for prescription medications.

Costs of prescription medications can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, even with the same insurance plan. Most consumers do not ‘shop around’ for the lowest price since there is no easy way to obtain the information. With the varying costs of prescriptions, customers need a better way to make decisions on where to purchase their medications.


In order for consumers to make informed decisions on their prescriptions, it is critical to provide a tool that displays their out-of-pocket expense for a specific medication, based on their insurance coverage, at nearby pharmacies.

The ideal tool will:
1. Allow users to enter their medication name, insurance information, and location.
2. Generate a list of nearby pharmacies, with the cost of the medication based on the user’s insurance information.

Pillbox Features


Competitive analysis, market research, user surveys, and subject matter expert interviews were completed as part of the initial research/discovery phase.

Based on the research findings, a persona was developed to better understand the user and their needs.  Additionally, the high priority features and requirements were defined for the solution.

Pillbox Persona

Interaction Design

A high level process flow was created to outline the task analysis.  Documenting these tasks and key screens was critical to ensure an easy and seamless flow. 

Using Balsamiq, detailed wireframes were developed for key features and processes.

Pillbox Wireframe

Visual Design

Determining the branding, tagline, app name, and overall content was required. A monochromatic palette was selected which provided a clean and simple design to increase the visual aesthetics.

Creating a style tile by defining the color palette, typography, navigation, and buttons helped to tie all the branding and visual elements together.

Pillbox StyleTile

UI Design

Using all the deliverables from the previous phases, high fidelity UI screens were developed in Sketch for the key process streams.  

A clickable prototype using Invision was developed which allowed for interactive usability testing. This testing confirmed users could successfully navigate and easily complete tasks.

Pillbox UI Designs

Final Product


Pillbox Final Product