Bridgeview: Branding and Website Redesign / Development


Bridgeview Clinical Services

Project Type:
Branding & Responsive Website

UX Researcher, Product/Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, UI Designer, Branding & Content Strategist, and Developer


Bridgeview Clinical Services is a counseling center in the suburbs of Chicago focused on helping individuals and families.  

The company was looking to redesign and rebrand their business. They were not satisfied with their existing website and wanted it revamped for a more clean and simplistic look.

Additionally, all page content needed to be rewritten in order to provide a clear and concise message to their clients.


Working with Bridgeview to understand their vision of how they would like to be perceived, allowed us to jointly set the style, tone, and branding for the company.

Utilizing their objectives as the cornerstone, coupled with the competitive and market research completed, a responsive website was designed and developed. 

By understanding the company's tone, we were able to re-write the content for each page in a friendly and informative manner.

The final product can be viewed at: Bridgeview Clinical Services.

Branding & Visual Design

Bridgeview was seeking to rebrand and redesign their business.

Together, we discussed their vision and objectives, which provided supplemental information on their company culture, tone, and expectations.

After researching their competitors and industry patterns, we were able to consolidate the findings into a visual branding strategy.

Bridgeview Style
Interaction Design

Sketching the website layout on paper helped hash-out the visual hierarchy as well as define the sections and overall user flow.  

Low fidelity wireframes were developed to create each page's layout.  This helped to identify content and image placement. 


Bridgeview Wireframe
Content Strategy

The majority of work involved creating the content for each page using the appropriate tone and messaging.

Content was developed by reviewing their existing marketing materials for factual information, and then creating written copy/content of each page, using the company's style, tone, and voice. 

Bridgeview Content