Purvi Chheda

Hello, my name is Purvi and I am a Product Designer based in Chicago.  

When working with clients, I like to understand the big picture - specifically: their business goals, target market, industry trends, competitors, and current challenges. This allows me to better advise and provide effective solutions.

Providing an amazing user experience is what I strive for. I love designing elegant, sleek, and intuitive solutions while utilizing core design principals. 

I enjoy UX/UI design because it is the perfect opportunity to blend my analytical and problem solving skills, with my passion for developing beautiful and simple solutions.





I start by asking a lot of questions. By discussing objectives, goals, target market, and current challenges, it allows me to better understand each client and their unique industry, users, and competitors.


I create personas, storyboards, and empathy maps to help define the end-user. Reviewing the product roadmap and requirements allows for scope control and clear expectations on final deliverables.


Process flows, sitemaps, and low-fidelity sketches are developed that visually show overall flow and core functionality. Detailed wireframes are created and visual elements like typography, color palette, and navigation are defined.

Branding & Content

I help clients define their branding by understanding their vision and ensuring it is cohesive throughout the product. Additionally, recognizing their style and tone, allows me to write custom content.

UI & Prototyping

It’s time to put it all together by developing high fidelity user interface (UI) prototypes based on the wireframes, branding, content, and visual elements from the previous phases.

Usability Testing

I conduct testing through online tools and/or facilitated in-person testing which helps me understand areas for improvement. Based on the testing results, I can refine the product.


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